Santa Visit


Tips For Your Santa Visit

  • Special Requests - this is your visit. Santa will do all in his power to make it  special for you and your guests, just let him know your wishes in  advance so he can be prepared.

  • Designate  A Helper - to coordinate arrival, parking, presents to be carried in by      Santa, his entrance, seating, and the introduction of children (don't  forget to send Santa a list of names). 

  • Have  Gifts Ready - labeled, easy to read, they should fit into a 35 gal. size      bag. Additional or  over sized gifts can be brought to Santa by the  helper or pre-placed beside his chair.

  • Parking  - Please inform Santa where he can park. Closer to the door the better.

  • Check  Location - an interesting background such as Christmas tree, un-lit fire  place, Christmas cards, wreath or nativity scene makes photos more  memorable. Leave room around Santa’s chair for others to gather for group      photos. Make sure lighting is adequate for Santa to read the Christmas  story and package names.

  • Sturdy  Chair - a straight back works best for Santa to sit up comfortably and be  able to place a child on his knee.

  • Cameras Ready - batteries fully charged, lots of film, tape, or disks available.

  • His  Arrival - Make sure you give Santa your cell phone number, he will call  five minutes before he arrives. Get everyone together, maybe sing a Christmas song or two before the grand  entrance.

  • His  Departure - Usually after the gifts are opened the children's interest      shift from Santa to what  they received. Once the "Magic"      of Santa's presence has worn off it's time for him to exit.

  • Payment - We prefer to have payment prior to visit. It is never appropriate to hand cash or check to Santa  where others can see.